Use Time Select for time input.

Fixed time picker

Provide a list of fixed time for users to choose.

Fixed time range

If start time is picked at first, then the end time will change accordingly.


AttributeDescriptionTypeAccepted ValuesDefault
model-value / v-modelbinding valuestring
disabledwhether TimeSelect is disabledbooleanfalse
editablewhether the input is editablebooleantrue
clearablewhether to show clear buttonbooleantrue
sizesize of Inputstringlarge / default / smalldefault
placeholderplaceholder in non-range modestring
namesame as name in native inputstring
prefix-iconCustom prefix icon componentstring / ComponentClock
clear-iconCustom clear icon componentstring / ComponentCircleClose
startstart timestring09:00
endend timestring18:00
steptime stepstring00:30
min-timeminimum time, any time before this time will be disabledstring00:00
max-timemaximum time, any time after this time will be disabledstring


Event NameDescriptionParameters
changetriggers when user confirms the valuecomponent's binding value
blurtriggers when Input blurscomponent instance
focustriggers when Input focusescomponent instance


focusfocus the Input component
blurblur the Input component