Config Provider

Config Provider is used for providing global configurations, which enables your entire application to access these configurations everywhere.

i18n Configurations

Configure i18n related properties via Config Provider, to get language switching feature.

Button Configurations

Message Configurations

Experimental features

In this section, you can learn how to use Config Provider to provide experimental features. For now, we haven't added any experimental features, but in the feature roadmap, we will add some experimental features. You can use this config to manage the features you want or not.


Config Provider Attributes

localeLocale Objectobject languagesen
sizeglobal component sizeenumdefault
zIndexglobal Initial zIndexnumber
namespaceglobal component className prefix (cooperated with $namespace)stringel
buttonbutton related configuration, see the following tableobjectsee the following table
messagemessage related configuration, see the following tableobjectsee the following table
experimental-featuresfeatures at experimental stage to be added, all features are default to be set to falseobject

Button Attribute

autoInsertSpaceautomatically insert a space between two chinese charactersbooleanfalse

Message Attribute

maxthe maximum number of messages that can be displayed at the same timenumber

Config Provider Slots

defaultcustomize default contentconfig: provided global config (inherited from the top)