Display multiple fields in list form.

Basic usage


Vertical List

Customized Style

Descriptions API

Descriptions Attributes

borderwith or without borderbooleanfalse
columnnumbers of Descriptions Item in one linenumber3
directiondirection of listenumhorizontal
sizesize of listenum
titletitle text, display on the top leftstring''
extraextra text, display on the top rightstring''

Descriptions Slots

defaultcustomize default contentDescriptions Item
titlecustom title, display on the top left
extracustom extra area, display on the top right

DescriptionsItem API

DescriptionsItem Attributes

labellabel textstring''
spancolspan of columnnumber1
widthcolumn width, the width of the same column in different rows is set by the max value (If no border, width contains label and content)string / number''
min-widthcolumn minimum width, columns with width has a fixed width, while columns with min-width has a width that is distributed in proportion (If noborder, width contains label and content)string / number''
aligncolumn content alignment (If no border, effective for both label and content)enumleft
label-aligncolumn label alignment, if omitted, the value of the above align attribute will be applied (If no border, please use align attribute)enum''
class-namecolumn content custom class namestring''
label-class-namecolumn label custom class namestring''

DescriptionsItem Slots

defaultcustomize default content
labelcustom label