In this chapter, we will discuss how to help translating the documentation of Element Plus.


Before we did the upgrade of the documentation architecture, each documentation update needs 5 languages, which most of the contributors use online translator for their non-native languages, sometimes it would be not only inaccurate but also stressful to them.

So we decided to give the documentation site an upgrade.

  • From webpack to Vite
  • From manually maintained to automated

We took Crowdin as our first step to make the documentation site more automated.

How do I translate the documentation?

  1. Create an account on Crowdin, it is recommended that you use your GitHub account to authorize Crowdin.
  2. Go to Element Plus project.
  3. Choose the language you want to contribute to.
  4. Find the file you want to translate.
  5. Do the translation.

That simple, and the UI is very intuitive to use, you should have no trouble using it. After you submit your work, it would be online once the translation is approved by proofreader.

How can I become a proofreader?

You can raise an issue on Crowdin to us for becoming a proofreader of the language you wish to be.