This document will help you upgrade from Element 2.x to Element Plus.

Design updates

Element Plus added many design updates to the core design, we want to make element plus much better looking and easier to use. The list contains the changes we brought to Element Plus and the comparison with ElementUI 2.x. If you'd like to know the reason behind all this, you can check out this link

This API effects all components with a size attribute/prop

API NamePrevious acceptable valueCurrent Acceptable value
sizelarge / default / small / minilarge / default / small

Component API changes


We are currently working on updating the content, if you do find what we have lost mention in this list, please open an issue. 🙇

In this section we will use forms which would be more comprehensive to describe the changes we made to the components, you can go to the desired section for checking it out.


API Naming Change
Previous API NameCurrent API NameDescription
reverse-You should reverse the data instead of using API

New components

In Element Plus, we added a few new components, you can check them out, the components added in Element Plus are:

Here is the list of breaking changes.

For now, check list of breaking changes for full details before more thorough documentation is available.

Vue 3 migration build

You may encounter some issues when using ElementPlus with Vue 3 migration build. Some of the components rely on Vue 3 internal API's. It's worth trying to adjust compatConfig mode to 3, either globally or per component in your project.