Custom namespace 2.2.0


We provide a example in element-plus-vite-starter. Just check it.

Default namespace is el. In special cases, we may need to customize its namespace.

Since we use sass to write styles, if you want to customize all namespaces. We have to assume that you already use sass.

You must set ElConfigProvider and scss $namespace at the same time.

Set ElConfigProvider

Use ElConfigProvider wrap your root component.

<!-- App.vue -->
  <el-config-provider namespace="ep">
    <!-- ... -->

Set Scss & Css Vars

Create styles/element/index.scss:

// styles/element/index.scss
// we can add this to custom namespace, default is 'el'
@forward 'element-plus/theme-chalk/src/mixins/config.scss' with (
  $namespace: 'ep'
// ...

Import styles/element/index.scss in vite.config.ts:

The same is true for webpack, which needs to be set in preprocessorOptions.

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
export default defineConfig({
  // ...
  css: {
    preprocessorOptions: {
      scss: {
        additionalData: `@use "~/styles/element/index.scss" as *;`,
  // ...

That's all.